How to build a viable terrarium?

The goal of this activity is to allow students to observe the interactions between plants and animals, along with their reactions to changes in their environment, in a terrarium. The activity also aims to foster the development of a more respectful attitude toward all living things.

How are shadows formed?

In this activity, students are introduced to the concept of shadow and experiment with different ways of creating and changing a shadow.

How do magnets work?

This activity teaches students about the properties of magnets. They do experiments to discover which objects are attracted and lifted up by magnets, they observe how magnets act on other magnets and on some other objects, and they compare the forces of different magnets.

Why don’t all animal’s eggs look the same?

The primary goal of this activity is to give students an opportunity to compare and understand the reasons for variations in eggs’ appearance, along with the adaptive strategies of certain egg-laying animals.