Experiment workbooks

Making an experiment notebook

When doing Éclairs de sciences activities, students must think, ask questions, discuss, use their imaginations, plan, observe, measure, evaluate, and summarize.

To help them gain an awareness of how their thoughts progress throughout the process, we suggest that students take notes in an experiment notebook.

Here are several models of basic experiment notebooks that can be used to keep track of Éclairs de sciences activities. Feel free to print, photocopy, and modify these documents as you carry out Éclairs de sciences activities. They might even inspire you to create your own model of experiment notebook.

Other notebook models designed for Éclairs de sciences activities

Many schools have developed and shared experiment notebooks adapted to specific Éclairs de sciences activities. You will find these in the Activities and resources-Cycle and domain section of the website. Please note that some activities may not have custom experiment notebooks, while others may have several.