What is the pedagogical support service?

This  service includes:

  • support from either the school’s pedagogical advisor or the school board’s science and technology advisor (depending on the school board),
  • support from an Éclairs de sciences volunteer science consultant,
  • support from the school team administration to put favourable conditions in place for carrying out science and technology activities (teacher exemptions, small budget for purchasing equipment, facilitation of planning meetings for the team).

This all happens during personalized team meetings three or for times per year, depending on the model established by each school board.

The success of Éclairs de sciences thus relies on sharing and cooperation among all members of the school team.

In practical terms

The goal of pedagogical support is to:

  • Make teachers better aware of all dimensions of the Québec Education Program and, consequently, the progression of learning in elementary school. The support provided by Éclairs de sciences focuses on the subject-specific competencies and knowledge that students should learn in the area of science and technology.
  • Help teachers learn and understand the best teaching strategies, evaluation methods, and systems of recording students’ work (e.g., experiment workbooks).
  • Enrich planning of subsequent learning activities by reviewing experiments done in class, challenges encountered, and successes.

The pedagogical support and scientific guidance service extends over the entire school year. In addition, registered schools get priority re-registration for a total of two or three years, depending on the school board. And it’s all completely free.

Inscription école

Les inscriptions pour les écoles sur l’île de Montréal, veuillez contacter le conseiller pédagogique disciplinaire en S&T de votre commission scolaire.

Pour l’instant, le service complet est offert uniquement aux écoles de l’île de Montréal, pour toute information supplémentaire, veuillez contacter la responsable du programme Éclairs de sciences.