What is scientific guidance?

The service includes:

  • Support by a volunteer science consultant, who has been recruited and trained by Éclairs de sciences, for each team of teachers. These consultants go to the school three or four times throughout the school year, depending on the model chosen by the school board.
  • Support for the team of teachers before and after meetings, for example by answering science-related questions by email or by suggesting supplementary material.

In practical terms, the goal of scientific guidance is to:

  • Demystify science and explain scientific and technological concepts included in the progression of learning of the Quebec Education Program, as suggested in Éclairs de sciences activities.
  • Ensure that everyone understands and is equipped to use the active discovery process in science and technology (scientific method) in planning activities.
  • Equip elementary school teachers well enough that they can explain scientific concepts to students on their own, answer students’ questions, and, above all, become autonomous in teaching science and technology.

And it’s all completely free for registered schools.

Who are they?

People who want to share their passion for and knowledge of science with elementary school teachers. These volunteers come from universities, colleges, businesses, research centres, or are self-employed.

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How do I take advantage of scientific guidance?

The regular support provided by Éclairs de sciences requires an annual commitment from the school team (teachers, pedagogical advisor, and administration). This support includes scientific guidance provided by our volunteer consultants to registered teams.  

For teachers who make a two- or three-year commitment to the program, Éclairs de sciences also offers an “on-demand assistance” service, whereby teachers can get answers to occasional science and technology questions via email.  

Registration period

Given that Éclairs de sciences is a professional development program and that participating teams must attend three or four activity planning meetings during the school year (and, of course, do in-class activities with their students), pedagogical and scientific guidance must start at the beginning of the school year. Therefore, the Éclairs de sciences registration deadline for teachers is set at mid-October each year. After this date, your registration request will be retained for the following school year.

Additionally, it is preferable that school teams renew their commitment to the program for two or three years (depending on the school board). This ensures that teachers become highly familiar with the process and ultimately feel better equipped to teach science and technology. Moreover, the relationships of trust developed between school teams and scientists become stronger as the professional development progresses.   

Scientific Registration

Schools on the Island of Montréal wishing to register should contact their school board’s science and technology pedagogical advisor.

For the time being, the comprehensive service is offered to schools on the Island of Montréal only. For more information, please contact the Éclairs de sciences program manager.